About the Fiscal / Policy Workgroup

The Fiscal/Policy Workgroup will support and educate programs and public agencies nationwide so they can address challenges and barriers to the successful implementation of BBI and best and evidence-based practices funded via creative fiscal and policy strategies that support successful outcomes for youth with emotional and/or behavioral challenges and their families.

The Fiscal/Policy Workgroup is dedicated to:

  1. Identifying challenges and/or barriers that serve as impediments for residential and community-based programs to operationalize Building Bridges principles (i.e., fully implement best and evidence-based practices that support sustained successful outcomes for youth and families served);
  1. Researching programs and/or public agencies (e.g., State, national, county) that have successfully addressed each challenge and/or barrier identified;
  1. Prioritizing strategies that have successfully addressed challenges and/or barriers, based on the viability that these different strategies can be applied with other programs and/or by other public agencies across the country; and
  1. Developing and implementing effective communication/educational mechanisms/ forums to share successful strategies with programs and/or public agencies throughout the country.