As a TA Provider

For those who are interested in receiving approval from the Building Bridges Initiative to serve as a technical assistance provider and consultant, please review the following criteria.

The applicant must:

  1. Be an active member of Building Bridges in some capacity for at least one year (Steering Committee or workgroup) as indicated by a Chair or member of the group
  1. Have endorsed the Joint Resolution as an individual or as a member of an organization/system
  1. Demonstrate experience in successfully implementing Building Bridges principles/practices
  1. Provide two letters of recommendation that attest to and offer specific examples of adherence to and successful implementation of Building Bridges principles in applicant’s work; one of which must be from a Steering Committee member or Workgroup Chair
  1. Submit a current resume or vitae
  1. Sign the Building Bridges Practice Agreement as part of their application that states a willingness and intention to offer TA/Consulting in a manner aligned with Building Bridges values and principles

If you meet these criteria, please feel free to download the application form and submit the completed application, résumé or vitae and two letters of recommendation, one of which one is from a Building Bridges Initiative Steering Committee member or Workgroup Chair, via email to Jody Levison-Johnson at